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After many, many months of diligent work by writers M.Scott Verne and Wynn Mercere, and especially the efforts of voice actor and studio artist Christopher Thomson, the audiobook version of the first novel in the City of the Gods Universe has been released.

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This unabridged audiobook shines with unique voices for all characters and an enhanced soundscape that brings the City and its realms to life as you join D’Molay and Aavi on their perilous adventures. The novel clocked in at over 17 hours of listening time, plenty of entertainment to see you through a slew of commutes and even several long road trips! It’s available exclusively through – and if you’re new to the service you can even download City of the Gods: Forgotten for FREE with a 30-day trial membership. If you do, please don’t forget to leave us a review on the site.

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City of the Gods Universe


In the distant past, the gods abandoned their Earthly domains, leaving most of their followers behind. But they took some men and women along to serve them as they fought to rule the realms of a new dimension anchored by the City of the Gods.

The novels, story collections, comics and gaming products in the City of the Gods Universe chronicle the adventures of the humans trapped by the whim of the gods and explore the supernatural mysteries inherent in the divine world and its rulers.

A unique aspect of the City of the Gods novels is their visual appeal. Each book is fully illustrated with new twists on classic art from past masters.

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City of the Gods: Ambassador

Release Date: 2021

The conclusion to the City of the Gods trilogy is set in a tumultuous time of uprisings in the realms as the gods and their factions struggle against an invading force amid their own old conflicts. The survivors from Guardian must find common ground to cooperate and survive if the City of the Gods is to endure.

Introducing the Voice of the City

2016 is shaping up to be an exciting year for the  City of the Gods Universe. One of our dream projects is becoming a reality: the audiobook version of the first novel, City of the Gods: Forgotten. Like Quetzalcoatl, we sent our spies far and wide to find just what we were looking for. I am thrilled to introduce you to the artist chosen to bring the City to life, Mr. Christopher Thomson. ~ Wynn

So, who is Christopher Thomson anyway?

chris thomsonThat is the question. Well, generally I am a 25 years old man from Essex, UK. I’ve been doing voices since I was very young and gave each toy I played with a different one. As I went to school, I started to do impressions and have performed them as a party trick over the years since. It wasn’t until my late teens that I started to put them online on YouTube and such – which has now caught some attention!

You’ve had many different creative roles in projects, such as writer, actor, and voice artist. Which of those roles do you enjoy most?

I prefer acting mostly. It’s taken me years to say that, as I’ve struggled with having the confidence to do it. Rather than seeking opportunities like any performer should do, I ended up writing my own. A bit like at an amateur dramatic society. As time went on, I’ve had so many compliments that equate to slapping me in the face to say “Chris, you can do this. Now do it!” After a bit of time, I’m happily able to agree with them.
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Creative Team

Wynn Mercere – Writer

Wynn Mercere writes fantasy, horror, and historical fiction. Past work in teh gaming and comics industries includes titles in the Catalyst (TM) Citybook, Traps, and Maps series. She has scripted radio and television commercials, short documentaries, and several indie comics. Visit Wynn Mercere – Publication Central for news about appearances and releases.

M. Scott Verne – Writer

M. Scott Verne has been a major force in the Catalyst (TM) line. Other game work includes Tunnels & Trolls, Mega Traveller, and Space 1889. Over a dozen of the projects he has worked ohn have been nominated for H.G. Wells Awards by the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design. Two of them were entered into the Gaming Hall of Fame.

Steve Crompton – Artist

Steve Crompton has been a graphic designer and illustrator for over 30 years. He has created hundreds (maybe several thousand) illustrations for Flying Buffalo, GDW, Fantasy Games Unlimited, RSI, Raven Press, and other publishers. He has illustrated 50 comic books for various companies as well as trading cards for Topps. We are thrilled to have Steve as the art director for all City of the Gods products. See more of Steve’s work at The Art of Steven S. Crompton.