Wynn Mercere – Writer

Wynn Mercere writes fantasy, horror, and historical fiction. Past work in teh gaming and comics industries includes titles in the Catalyst (TM) Citybook, Traps, and Maps series. She has scripted radio and television commercials, short documentaries, and several indie comics. Visit Wynn Mercere – Publication Central for news about appearances and releases.

M. Scott Verne – Writer

M. Scott Verne has been a major force in the Catalyst (TM) line. Other game work includes Tunnels & Trolls, Mega Traveller, and Space 1889. Over a dozen of the projects he has worked ohn have been nominated for H.G. Wells Awards by the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design. Two of them were entered into the Gaming Hall of Fame.

Steve Crompton – Artist

Steve Crompton has been a graphic designer and illustrator for over 30 years. He has created hundreds (maybe several thousand) illustrations for Flying Buffalo, GDW, Fantasy Games Unlimited, RSI, Raven Press, and other publishers. He has illustrated 50 comic books for various companies as well as trading cards for Topps. We are thrilled to have Steve as the art director for all City of the Gods products. See more of Steve’s work at The Art of Steven S. Crompton.