After many, many months of diligent work by writers M.Scott Verne and Wynn Mercere, and especially the efforts of voice actor and studio artist Christopher Thomson, the audiobook version of the first novel in the City of the Gods Universe has been released.

CoG Forgot Audio Cov (1)

This unabridged audiobook shines with unique voices for all characters and an enhanced soundscape that brings the City and its realms to life as you join D’Molay and Aavi on their perilous adventures. The novel clocked in at over 17 hours of listening time, plenty of entertainment to see you through a slew of commutes and even several long road trips! It’s available exclusively through Audible.com – and if you’re new to the service you can even download City of the Gods: Forgotten for FREE with a 30-day trial membership. If you do, please don’t forget to leave us a review on the Audible.com site.

We’d also appreciate any and all shares on your social media accounts to spread the word about this project. We’ve very proud of it, and would love to have your help introducing the City to a new audience. Include my account tag @wynnmercere in your tweets, instagrams, etc. There just may be a prize for one of you!