“I’m reminded a bit of Edgar Rice Burroughs, in the way that [Forgotten] casually and easily (and skillfully) drops upcoming and preceding story points into the narrative, and on how swashbuckling is immediately presented as a major story element. ” – San Diego Reader

“It’s amazingly seamless, the way the two of you have merged your writing – when I read collaborations like George Clayton Johnson & Bill Nolan or King/Straub, it’s often easy to pick out bits and pieces clearly from one of the other. But COTG [Guardian] doesn’t come across at all as puzzle-pieces forced to fit via word processing alone.” – Jay Allen Sanford, reader feedback

“First of all, [in Mythic Tales 1] the different mythologies of the world are cleverly used and combined to create a unique, coherent fantasy universe, with its main characters, plots, factions, and of course an underlying intrigue/mystery that will probably lead you to buy all the other books.” – Mandragore, review

“The color [in City of the Gods: Map Pack] is absolutely gorgeous, and you’ll be amazed at how much detail can be crammed into an 8.5 X 17 inch map. The main attractions of the city are the major temples. I mean, what are gods without their temples? It’s almost like Where’s Waldo? How many different famous buildings can you identify in this map. The Great Pyramid of Gizeh dominates the lower left quadrant, but can you find the Parthenon, the Colisseum, the Taj Mahal or the Forbidden City? Can you distinguish the different cultures and mythologies represented here? For those of us with an interest in world mythology and history, the map alone is like a refresher course in the history of the world.” – Ken St. Andre, review